Higashiyama Corporation
As a brother company of Kuretake Co., Ltd., we produce and sell our own DIY supplies, brush pens, markers, ink and marker 
We deal in and export Kuretake products too.
■Our main products
(1) Manga Liner
・Vibrant colors and quick drying, our markers can be used for a variety of projects.

(2) Empty markers
・Suitable for use on a variety of tasks from DIY to arts and crafts.
・6 sizes of tip from 1mm to 50mm can meet some job requirements.
・A high quality of Japanese manufacturing insures a minimal amount of leaking. 
・Eco friendly washable and reusable.

(3) Menso ultra fine brush pen
・Animal friendly Menso ultra fine brush pens contain no animal hair.
・Compared to animal hair, our polyester tip stays finer for longer,
helps prevent mold and
maintains durability.

■Our product photos
Anyone can download our products photos from here.
■Our shipping 
A variety of shipping options are available; by Air, by Sea and by Courier.
■Contact us
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